In my last mission to Gilan Province a few days ago I found these sentences written on a mug in a restaurant near Rudsar. I found them interesting:

Top 10 problems with men:

1-  Beer سبز

2-  Belching in publicتعجب

3-  His motherاز خود راضی

4-  Always leaving toilet seat upآخ

5-  Remote Control Addictionبغل

6-  Thinking sex is the solution for everything!خجالتخوشمزهشیطان

7-  Footballنیشخند

8-  Refusing to ask for directionعینک

9-  Fear of Commitmentاسترس

10- Never knows where things are! ابله


Although these sentences are written by a western citizen but I think nearly most of them are also true about us, IRANIAN MEN!

What's your opinion?